An annual Credit Report is a report based on a length of 12 months, that is one year Annual Credit report is the only resource authorized by law to give free annual credit. It is more important to note that you get your credit report by reporting the agencies that you work with. The credit report also contains the list of previous and present account of you in your name within your agencies. The annual credit account can also vary within the agencies and also in comparison of present and previous year, under this condition you get the information behind the score of each agency.


To get Annual Credit Report you can get annual credit report by reporting your credit to these companies: (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) these companies can help you to maintain a history of your credit activity. The companies get their information from Foursquare, Banks, retailers, mortgage and other lenders that give you a credit. Thereafter the give your information to the companies which are responsible for the same task. They also give the same information to the public records whereby, they are listed in your credit report as per each agency. There is still a time frame which determines how long can different types of negative information remain within your credit report.

avoid creid repair scamsThe negative Report on Annual Credit Report can only remain within your credit report for only seven years examples is late payment.
Judgment paid tax liens and bankruptcies are allowed to stay within your credit report for ten years of time In case you have not to sport any errors in your credit report you can be allowed to file free dispute within each of the credit reporting companies( Bureaus), you can file dispute with Equifax either by phone, email or online.

This company is required to investigate any of your disputes for about one and half a month then informs you about the out outcome. If you have filed your dispute online you will receive the email message after they are through with the investigation. The function of the annual credit report is to summaries all the disputes and be able to compare the disputes of the previous and present time Annual credit report is also detailed to look at your credit habits, the type of debts you have outstanding for a given period of time and its bases of credit scores as per each agencies. These scores are not the same scores used by the third parties.